Force Home bound Day 3 
Wind: SSW 8.5 kt | Temp:72° | 

Sat mid morning,(left Thurs 12:00 so not really 3 days),and another night of misc rain squalls but thankfully nothing crazy.Moving along well,Just about to enter Gulf Stream,Cape Hatteras in 200 miles.Keep thinking good south type winds and please add no lightning allowed near FORCE please! Love Julie-Bill-Jimmy Gagnier

 Day 2 home bound 
Lat:29.5912° Lon:-76.7079°  Wind: ESE 9.5 kt | Temp:71° | 

Rain-Squalls-Wind but boat doing well and crew semi happy,kinda.Approx 250M off Gainesville.Love the Crew

 Heading Home 
Lat:26.8149° Lon:-77.4180°  Wind: E 14.0 kt | Temp:72° | 

Decided to go for it. Wer're heading out the next 'CUT' and heading for Cape Hatteras, Ches Bay..forecast not great but will be prepared.Next 2 days suppose to be rough then 1-2 days calm but we need to be in a port by Sunday night as bad stuff comes through then...so we're gonna go as quick as possible...More tomorrow. Bill Julie Jimmy

 Nice Birthday 
Lat:18.3182° Lon:-64.6177°  Wind: E 17.5 kt | Temp:82° | 

So its my birthday and I have to say Im doing exactly what I'd hoped for this b'day.Woke up jumped off and swam into blue salt,showered on the stern.Qik cup of tea, and time to leave Gorda Sound.Got the anchor up,always a trick solo,put up Jib only and sailed down Sir Francis Drake channel at 7knts.Destination Peter Is,White Bay.Made it by lunch only to find it was not as advertised.Big chop and the wind swirled from all directions.Moved on south to Norman Is,rounded the westerly tip and came into a harbor called 'The Bight'Full of moorings so no choice but to hook one which I did on the second try.2 min latter I hear a Bang,the mooring Ball broke its chain and Force is free and moving.Quickly started the engines and dodged the fleet,powered to another mooring and hooked up.Its blowing 20 and not much confidence these mooring but,going to fix a celebratory drink,check out shore and hope the boat stays.Beef strog for dinner and calling it a great day! Love Bill

 land ho! 
Lat:18.7748° Lon:-64.8515°  Wind: NE 13.0 kt | Temp:78° | 

woke up this morning 2 C BVI n the distance 28nm.arrive aftr 12pm to check in refuel & resupply.Capt crew & force very happy for all R hard work & accomplishments.time to celebrate birthday & that we just sailed 1400nm. we have arrived! peace be da journey, Capt B Horsley

 Day 6 11/20 0700 
Lat:22.4913° Lon:-66.6236°  Wind: NNE 12.0 kt | Temp:77° | 

Beautiful morning. Wind off the beam 20knts, waves easy rollers 6-8,boat moving 10-12+knts.Horsleys asleep,when not on watch they really can power sleep through anything. Ian & I traded turns for quick stern shower, new coffee and its all good. On course for BVI 265 miles ahead. Have come 1068.Bill

 Day 6 11/19 1600 
Lat:24.4063° Lon:-67.4798°  Wind: ENE 18.0 kt | Temp:77° | 

Force says hi from 24.26N 67.29W!We're cruising under sail @ 9ktsog w/an ENE breeze 18-25kt 5-8'seas Bailey on helm.Nice beam reach for us after a night of seas 10-15' and squally breeze steady @ 30kt topping out@ 40.CPTBill & Ian did great job getting us through & I was happy to provide food&bev support.Travelled 941nm from White Stone &BVI waypoint currently 391nm out.Set to arrive on Bailey's bday!hope to keep canvas up through night. Fresh tuna and salad @ lunch, spaghetti tonight. xoAshley

 cruising south 
Lat:26.8759° Lon:-68.0762°  Wind: NE 21.0 kt | Temp:76° | 

Hi Gang,Its blowing and we're motoring along 170 South ~7knts after sailing the past 30 hrs. 12 foot seas, gusts in the 30s but we are safe. Miss everyone. Getting ready to cook the rest of the tuna we landed yesterday. Cheers, Ian

 Day 4 11/16 1600 
Lat:29.9968° Lon:-69.3595°  Wind: NE 14.0 kt | Temp:72° | 

Big sailing day,boat moving 8-10 knts.Bailey caught a tuna that is headed for the grill tonight.Ashley turned part of it into sushi for lunch.Winds expected to build to 20-30 knts higher in squalls.Will be with us the rest of the trip,waves from E-ENE.590 miles from home,739 left to BVI.Bill

 Day 3 
Lat:32.6000° Lon:-71.1852°  Wind: N 2.0 kt | Temp:68° | 

Another windless day.Brief pause for a swim,shower.Few big ships to dodge but all in all an easy day.Forecast is for big wind and seas for the rest of the week so getting our plan together.Approx 950 miles from BVI. Warming up crew good. Bill

 Sunday 1300 Day 2 
Lat:35.4767° Lon:-74.4454°  Wind: NNW 11.5 kt | Temp:60° | 

Made 170 miles from dock till now.Motor sailed through the night with Ian Ashley Bailey taking bulk of the watch,I filled in the chinks. Bailey had major tanker traffic and cruise ships to deal with.He done good missing em!Just entered the gulf stream and getting a good ride,water temp 80 swells NW but light winds so no problem. Light winds until tomorrow then big change.Nice day Deep blue water,on the lookout for cool fish. Expect to crank out 200 miles per day now that we're clear of the Ches Bay traffic. Bill

 Day 1 Norfolk to BVI 
Lat:36.5896° Lon:-75.6464°  Wind: NW 16.5 kt | Temp:55° | 

Departed 1000 from Dymer Creek,good run down the Ches Bay, boat hit 10 knts easy.Arrived Norfolk before dark and continued out. Have another 86 miles before we enter the Gulf Stream,approx 1200 Sunday.Winds light now 8-10 NW. Boat 5.8knts. Crew and all else good.Bill

 Wed morn 
Lat:36.8320° Lon:-75.5670°  Wind: S 11.5 kt | Temp:68° | 

Long night with Mr. Gulf Stream but have Va Beach in site and should cross the Ches Bay Brg tunnel in 3 hours,officially back in the Bay.Don't think I quite made 200 miles per day but close. What a great boat! Took good care of me.Going to continue and head for my dock, maybe by late this afternoon...I see Rum on the horizon.Thank you all for sharing this with me. A dream I have been hoping for..has.. come true, (not quite home so I'll be careful here!) Last entry and love to anybody that stuck w reading my trib. Bill on FORCE(any comments please send to onsafarinow@gmail.com) tnks

Wind: S 10.5 kt | Temp:74° | 

Forgot to mention have been hitting speeds 14-15..rocket

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